Roof Coatings


Let the professionals do the work for you
We've repaired and cool coated many homes and commercial buildings over the years and the following is a list of what we do and how we do it.


An Elastomeric acrylic copolymer coating for protection of roof. It is waterproofing system that provides excellent flexibility, durability and weather resistance. It provides protection to the roof from wind driven rain with easy application and cleaning, and also fills thin cracks. Cool roofs, also called white roofs, are a highly reflective and emissive roof coatings that stays 50 to 60 degrees F cooler in the summer sun, thereby reducing energy costs, improving occupant comfort, cutting maintenance costs, increasing the life cycle of the roof, and contributing to the reduction of urban heat islands and associated smog. Although it is highly flexible, it exhibits a tough, enamel-like finish that resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt, oil and all types of weather extremes.


Creative Man Painting - Roof Coating Steps



1) I will schedule an appointment at your convenience to give you a free estimate

2) I will inspect your roof coating and area and determine its condition, and based on its condition and square footage I will give an a estimate. Once we have agreed on the estimate, i will schedule one of my specialized teams to start working on your roof.

3) Sweep up and remove debris
You might be surprised and how much stuff accumulates on a roof over time. Prior to pressure washing this debris needs to be removed. If tree branches are touching the roof they will also get trimmed back.

roof debris
4) Pressure wash at 3,500 to 4,000 psi
In order to provide the highest quality job possible, the roof is aggressively pressure washed. The cleaner the roof is the better the new material will stick to it. Please note if your roof is currently leaking it will continue to leak some while the pressure washing occurs.
pressure washing roof


5) Scrape loose and flaking material
Its common to have areas of the roof which are flaking off. The loose material gets scraped off prior to patching.
scrape loose material
6) Screw in loose screws, pound in floating nails
Over time nails and screws used to install a roof will work out. We pound these down or screw them in prior to putting a patch over them.
nails popping up
7) Apply anti-ponding material to scuppers
Scuppers (generically known as roof drains) will frequently hold some water. When the water doesn't drain off as it's supposed to this is called "ponding", which is bad. We will apply small amounts of anti-ponding material to the scupper areas as required to help with the drainage. There is much more to this topic further on. If you are told you have ponding issues please read the other part of this web site.
ponding scupper flat roof
8) Put plastic or paper over skylights
Plastic and paper are used to cover skylights as well as anything else that's not supposed to get the cool coating applied to it.
9) Prime as required
Some spots on the roof will need to be primed before they can be coated. We'll take care of this for you.
10) Spot emulsify as required
Today's cool coatings are water based. Many roofs were made or patched with oil or tar based products. Oil and water based products are generally incompatible unless an emulsifier is used between them. The emulsifier causes the oil to chemically change into a more inert substance. The water based material can then stick to it as it's supposed to. Take a look at the photos of what happens when emulsifier is not used where required.
11) Place sealer over holes
For the small and average size patches we use fiber mesh. For the larger patches we will actually replace part of the roof itself. The particular patch or sealer material we use will be dependant on what your roof is made of.
12) Position mesh over tears and fasten
Fiber tape, also called mesh, is great stuff. It's comparable to the nylon gridding in a light weight running jacket. If it's snagged or a tear tries to start, the mesh resists the tear. This is our standard material for much of the patch work.
13) Coat with Elastek Extreme Roof Coating
Elastek Extreme is expensive, even for contractors. It hurts to pay for it but when its raining and blowing and the roof is not leaking its worth the money. One particular box store brand is at the opposite end of the quality spectrum. Its half the price and works 1/5 as well.
14) Remove plastic / paper on skylights and lenses

15) Clean Up

16) All Materials and Labor included in the price - Please call us for a free at home estimate!! We can schedule a appointment to meet at your home!!