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Penetrating Wood Finishes


Penetrating finishes are absorbed into the wood pours with very little remaining on top. All of the penetrating finishes are wipe-on types, even if they are initially applied with a brush. The excess is removed after a short period, usually 5-10 minutes.



Tung Oil and Linseed Oil are called drying oils. This type of wood sealer can take a long time to dry to the touch. Linseed oil can take days in most cases and remain rather soft for a very long time. Typical use is outside; example would be a log home.

Applying Linseed Oil is easy although messy. Tung Oil has been used for centuries and is an excellent wood sealer for interior and many exterior wood surfaces. Applying Tung Oil is very simple with maintenance being as easy as applying another coat.

Danish Oil is a combination of Tung Oil and varnish with pigments add for color. Danish Oil is applied in the same way as the other penetrating finishes.

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Film Forming Wood Finishes

Film forming wood topcoats have limited penetrating capabilities and remain on top of the wood. They can be the toughest clear topcoats but not necessarily the best for every project.